Beta Testing for Explorer Fundamentals

Connecting to empower human potential

Insight Out (IO) offers integrative learning programs designed to empower the participant in building connections while learning in a dynamic environment.

Human Solutions

Compassionate leaders change the world.
By leveraging community, we are able to affect change and innovate solutions to real-world problems.

The Vision

Equal access to quality educational programs.
Empowered and inspiring educators.
Happy and healthy minds and bodies.
Family participation in a larger community of support.
Businesses invested in the future of their employees.

Our Values

Curiosity - Compassion - Connection
Commitment - Empowerment

IO Community

IO Community cultivates connections.

We are stronger together. We spotlight the importance of family and community connections in the development and education of young people. We do that by identifying stakeholders in the community and co-creating holistic learning experiences with real world impact and output.

IO Discovery Program

IO Discovery creates space for curiosity and exploration.

This program offers exercises in self-discovery, reflection, and self-awareness. Participants are exposed to tools and practice for wellbeing while learning how to build meaningful relationships within their communities.

Explorer Fundamentals

Do you… 

  • want to be the first to try new things?
  • like learning about yourself and want to learn new skills?
  • think everyone deserves the opportunity to learn?
  • like giving feedback and improving ideas?
  • want to have fun and learn online?

Then YOU are the kind of person we are looking for!!!

We are looking for high school students to try our new learning program and tell us how we can make it better.  Be the first to participate in this unique learning experience!

In this program, we explore ideas about how to improve our lives and practice using new tools to build good relationships.  These are hands-on learning experiences, called modules, where we do activities together to test new ideas designed to help you understand yourself more.

A beta tester tests things before they are released to the public.  If you love trying new things and talking about it, this is the perfect opportunity for you!  As a beta tester, you will participate in the learning program and give feedback on how we can make it better.  To test the modules, you join us virtually to learn new ideas and practice using new tools.  Then you give feedback to help us build meaningful and useful programs for high school students!

Ideal beta testers:

  • High school students (grades 9-12)
  • Interested in learning new skills & improving life
  • Like meeting new and different people
  • Enjoy working with others and sharing ideas
  • Willing to offer feedback about the experience
  • Willing to participate online (virtual)

You can look forward to:

  • Willing to offer feedback about the experience
  • Exploring tools that can help you shape who you are
  • Learning in a fun, hands-on way
  • Being inspired by a new and unique learning experience
  • Making new friends
  • Giving feedback to help build an awesome program
  • Joining a community of people like you

Apply today!

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